Cherry Blossom Dark Tan Liquid Shoe Polish + Wax Extracts 75 ml





50% more shine vs buffing

Blend of special oils and high-quality waxes from across the world

Angular neck for easy, no-mess application

Protects against dirt & dust

Suitable for leather shoes

Available in Black & Dark Tan colour variant


Cherry Blossom Liquid Shoe Polish has a blend of special oils and finest waxes from across the world which ensure that your shoes get 50% more shine (vs. not buffing). Cherry Blossom gives your shoes instant shine with minimum effort. Now get extra shine and protect your shoes from dirt & dust to keep them looking new for longer.

Usage Direction: 1. Wipe off dirt & dust from the surface of shoes. 2. Shake bottle well with cap on. 3. Open the cap, invert the bottle and gently press the bottle lightly against the surface of the shoe 4. Apply polish evenly across the surface and then allow the polish to dry.

Safety Direction: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes; wash thoroughly if it happens. Not suitable for Suede, Nubuck, and Patent leather. Close the bottle cap after use to avoid damage and drying. Best before 2 years from Manufacturing date.

About the Manufacturer: Cherry Blossom is made in India and imported by Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh PLC. Cherry & Cherry Blossom are Regd. TM of Reckitt Benckiser (India) Pvt. Ltd. Cherry device is a TM of Reckitt Benckiser (India) Pvt. Ltd.


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