Harpic Flushmatic In-Cistern Toilet Cleaner Twin Pack (100 gm)





This combo contains 2pcs of Harpic Flushmatic Toilet Cleaner 50gm

Harpic Flushmatic is an in-the-cistern solution providing continuous cleaning with every flush

Its blue action contains germicide that cleans and protects against germs

Maintains hygiene of toilet with every flush

Touch free and hygienic, prevents the build-up of stains

1 pcs Harpic Flushmatic lasts upto 1 month depending on usage


Harpic Flushmatic in-Cistern Toilet Cleaner Twin Pack (50gm X 2) is a drop-in tank tablet which can be used for any accessible cistern. It keeps toilet hygiene and continuous clean without any mess. It is touch free and hygienic and dissolves completely when finished. A single block lasts up to a month depending upon individual usage.

Usage Information: Remove block from blister, but do not remove the cloth as it dissolves. Drop the block into the flush cistern on opposite side of water inlet. Wait 10mins before the first flush and get a clean toilet with every flush afterwards.

Safety Measure: This product is not edible. Consult a doctor immediately if consumed. Read label for detail.

About the Manufacturer: Harpic is a registered Trademark of Reckitt PLC headquartered in England. The first Harpic product was manufactured during 1920s in England. Harpic is the number 1 selling toilet cleaner in the world. Harpic products are made in Bangladesh by Reckitt (Bangladesh) PLC.


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