Kidstar Baby Belt Diaper L (9-18 kg) 28 pcs



Origin: Bangladesh

Kidstar baby diaper comes with unique elastic waist band to fit with baby’s body perfectly and avoid leakage. Its cottony soft topsheet keeps baby dry and minimizes diaper rash. Breathable back layer promotes air circulation effectively. Its acquisition distribution layer helps liquid diffuse,keeps liquid away from skin,keeps skin dry and clean. 360 degree core double leak guard avoids side leakage. Wetness indicator reminds mother when to change diaper.

Manufacturer: Advance personal care Ltd.

Size: L

Allowable weight of baby 9-18 kg

Quantity: 28 pcs

Wetness indicator: Yes

Belt system

Only Diaper in Bangladesh which have 360˚ Degree Leak Guard to avoid side leakage


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