Mr. Brasso Glass & Household Cleaner Mega Refill Pack 5 ltr




Glass & Multisurface Cleaner : Can be used in glass, metal, plastic, laminates and other appliances for cleaning efficiently

Item Weight : 350 ml; available in Spray Gun & Refill Pack, 5Litre; available in Refill Pack


Mr. Brasso Glass and Multisurface cleaner cleans the surface of your Television & other electronic appliances, Computers, Window glasses, Mirrors, Table-tops, Fridge & Kitchen appliances, Vehicle’s Windshield and Laminated furniture.

Usage Information: While using Mr. Brasso Refill Pack, replace bottle cap with old spray gun. Read the label for more detail.

Safety Measure: Unplug electronic appliances before cleaning with Mr. Brasso. Wash eyes with water immediately in case of contact with eyes while spraying. Read label for detail.

About the Manufacturer: Mr. Brasso is a brand of Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Limited which is manufactured in Bangladesh.


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