Nestle Pre Nan Premature & Low Birth Weight (0-6 M) 400 gm




Important Notice: There is no substitutes of or equivalent to breast-milk.

Nestlé Pre NAN is produced as per the Bangladesh standard for formulas for special medical purposes intended for infants.

Nestlé Pre NAN is a Special Dietary Formula for Premature and Low Birth Weight Infants which can be given from birth onwards in accordance with the advice of Medical Professionals. It contains:


•MCT Oil

•Adequate amounts of easily digestible Proteins and Calories

•Optimized Calcium and Phosphorous levels

•Essential Vitamin-Minerals

Net Weight: 400 gm

Manufactured by: Nestlé Netherlands

Formulated by: Nestlé Switzerland S.A.

Marketed by: Nestlé Bangladesh Limited


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