Harpic Toilet Cleaning Powder (400 gm)





Powder cleaner for toilet cleaning on cement latrine, pit latrine, plastic latrine & ceramic latrine

Superior blue speckles formula to produce cleaning foam

Cleaning foam removes stains and battles germs

Removes 99.9% of germs

Malodor Control Technology prevents the bad odors of toilets


Key Features: Harpic Toilet Cleaning Powder 400gm is a specialized all-in-one product, which is the ultimate one stop solution for all your toilet cleaning needs. Unlike regular toilet cleaners Harpic toilet cleaning powder works on all kinds of Cement, Pit, Plastic and Ceramic Latrine. Harpic toilet cleaning powder comes with Malodor Control Technology which prevents the bad odors of toilets.

Usage Information: Scatter the powder on latrine. After applying on the surfaces, leave for 5mins and then scrub gently using a brush. Lastly, rinse with water.

Safety Measure: This product is not edible. Consult a doctor immediately if consumed. Read label for detail.

About the Manufacturer: Harpic is a registered Trademark of Reckitt PLC headquartered in England. The first Harpic product was manufactured during 1920s in England. Harpic is the number 1 selling toilet cleaner in the world. Harpic products are made in Bangladesh by Reckitt (Bangladesh) PLC.


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